52 bakes in 52 weeks

Insights I tried baking for 52 weeks in a row

What is the baking Challenge?

For those who don’t know and don’t follow my Instagram. At the start of the year, I took on a new challenge to start baking every week for 52 weeks with the hope of getting away from my computer whilst still creating something. My first thought was maybe some gardening or woodworking until I realised.

  1. I don’t have the space for woodworking
  2. Bailey, my dog, would eat any flowers I grew.

So with those ideas out the window, I took to another hobby I enjoy, baking.
So I started the 52 bakes in 52 weeks challenge to get myself baking and creating something each week that wasn't digital.

How am I getting on?

At the time of writing, I am 34 weeks in preparing for my 35th and let me tell you there have been some absolute atrocities that would make Mary Berry faint. The biggest has to be the infamous Jam Rolly Polly. That monstrosity is still haunting me to this day and it has put me off doing anything with Suet pastry for a while.

I also find that I loathe working with wet icing. I’m not sure if it’s just the lack of skill, probably just the last of skill, but every time I work with a wet icing it gets everywhere and I end up a multicoloured sticky mess and the same can be said for my bakes.

Another thing I have come to realise is my pure hatred for my oven. It came with the house so it’s quite old. So old that the temperature markers have been rubbed off… This makes for some risky bakes let me tell you! Low temp bakes are a big risk on this thing. So far though thanks to me staring constantly through the window we have had no burnt cakes. Long may it reign!

Until now this has been me just moaning about the challenge but there is a lot of high points. The cakes, the fudge and the Turkish delight. OH. MY. GOD the Turkish delight. Firstly I had no clue you can make it at home and secondly how good a homemade Turkish Deligh is!

It has been great fun getting back into baking and being over halfway through this 52-week challenge I have hopes I can finish it. I have had some trouble as being away at the weekends and my partner Raches shifts during the week means that baking time can be hard to find some weeks but let us see how I get on.

I have left some photos below of my best baking moments for you to enjoy, for more please visit my Instagram the link is below.

That's it for this week, have a nice week!


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