How I use Trello to organise my life

Insights How I use Trello to organise my life

So I wanted to peel back the curtain a bit to show how I use apps like Trello to organise my life in order to get stuff done.
For those who don't know Trello is an online organisation tool that lets you create projects as kanban boards and add cards full of attachments, details and checklists which can be added to different columns on the board.

From here you can organise pretty much any project into the kanban format.

So what do I use Trello to organise?
Here's a screengrab of some of the boards on my account. I have everything from aspiration & goal boards to project and work-related boards.

Let's take a look at a board that is frequently used and abused..
Below is what I call my External Brain.

I first came across this idea when listening to“Getting Things Done” by David Allen. In the audiobook, David explains how he wrote lists of all the things he needs to get done. It could be specifically for this week, month or year. He uses these lists as a way of getting ideas and more important concerns out of his brain so he doesn’t have to remember them. The fewer things he has to remember the less stressed his brain became.

This External Brain board is my list of everything I want to get done. It could be bits of DIY I want to do at home. Even though I have a deep-seated hatred of DIY it needs doing. Anything related to hobbies I want to accomplish or even depressing things like dealing with the occasional parking ticket.

You get the picture, this board is everything I don’t want to store in my brain. Now when I walk past through my house and notice a wall that needs painting, I will add it to my External Brain board so I don’t have to remember it going forward.

So why organise this way? I go to great lengths to have a board/card for every idea I have so I don’t forget it and to keep my head clear and reduce the stress of keeping everything in my noggin. Even if 6 months down the line I review my project board I still have access to previously saved project ideas. Not having to remember everything relieves your brain of the burden of remembering.

Just think how many times you have said “I have to remember that” only to realize it that was 3 weeks ago and you still haven’t done it or can't remember the details of the task. If you use Trello to organise your project ideas that would have been 3 weeks of stress your brain didnt have to deal with.

Keeping track of goals and projects using Trello has helped me accomplish things I wouldn’t dream of.
For those who don’t know, I am not a book person, I really struggle to find the time to sit down and read. That being said I love podcasts and audiobooks. So I made it my goal to listen to 10 books in 2020 and 12 in 2021.
I used Trello to organise this goal, by having all the books I want to listen to in one place on my ‘Read/ listen to 12 books 2021’ board means I know what book is up next and I can track my progress.

Honestly, Trello boards are like recycling “The possibilities are endless!” If you can think of it it can be tracked in Trello you just need to be a little creative in how you use it.

That’s all for this week I have been wanting to post about my Trello experience for a while and now I can finally close that open loop. What’s an open loop? I will save that for a future post.

For now, I hope you have a positive and productive week.
Cya next week.


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