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  • Laravel
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Will Code For Beer is my professional web development and design agency. I have always loved the idea of running my own development house or even simply working for myself, Will Code For Beer is the start of that goal.

The website's purpose is to provide customers with information about the services the business provides and methods of contacting the business should they want to enquire about a product.

About the


Due to the purpose of the website and my familiarity with the Laravel stack I built the website in Laravel. I wanted to keep the website as lightweight as possible so I chose not to include a Content Management System (CMS) and simply hardcoded the content.

The front end is built with Vue.js and the bubble animation is powered by Greensock animation. The CSS is all custom built sass compiled using Laravel mix. In retrospect, I should have used some sort of CSS framework such as Tailwind CSS. Writing the custom styling used up valuable time that I could have used to bolster other sections of the site/design.

What I


Up to this point, I had not used Greensock’s Animation library in anger so getting to dive into that piece of tech was massively insightful, as I could see all the possibilities it could provide. Regarding the layout of the website, I took the time to learn how to tailor a design to be more customer-friendly. Which mean arranging the website that is somewhat unnatural to me but makes sense through the eyes of a customer.

My final takeaway from this project was the importance of using pre-existing frameworks such as Tailwind CSS for the front end. If I chose to go down that path I would have saved myself a lot of time, as I wouldn't have had to write all the styles myself.


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